Ferrari 458 Italia Grey


Ferrari 458 Italia is an Italian masterpiece, loaded with improvements that you wouldn’t have thought possible or necessary if you’ve driven the 458 Italia. The Speciale shifts faster, turns in quicker, and stops shorter. Thanks to an additional 35 horsepower and 200 fewer pounds, it is swifter than the car on which it’s based, in a straight line and around a track. Best of all, Ferrari has improved on the 458’s sublime chassis with a fresh dose of clever technology and engineering. This car amplifies your skills, strokes your ego, and stimulates your pleasure center, all while possessing limits high enough to humble any driver.


Crazy Horse

This car is much more than ones and zeros. The Speciale cranks up the crazy with a 4.5-liter V-8 that now makes 597 horsepower at its 9000-rpm peak. (The regular car packs 562 horsepower; both cars make the same 398 lb-ft of torque.) The increased power is made possible by a sky-high 14.0:1 compression ratio, revised combustion chambers, new pistons, shorter intake runners, reshaped intake ports, and higher lift on the exhaust and intake valves, along with a new carbon-fiber manifold and airbox.


Available for: 
- Delivery to your hotel
- VIP delivery to LAX - our representative awaits you at Arrivals with your "Last name sign"
- Drop off at LAX Valet service - drop off car at parking lot next to LAX, and have the shuttle drive you to your terminal

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