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Audi R8 Spyder Matte Red


Audi R8 

Within the world of exotic cars, you may expect certain demands on comfort along with a powerful performance car. This is no longer the case. Audi brought all wheel drive R8 comfort and handling, blowing away all myths that once existed. The driving experience of this car is unlike any other car that hovers in the same price range. The Audi's R8 is extremely quick to fool with her good looks. That of course changes once you set this car loose! With amazingly accurate steering, exceptional grip from the all wheel drive, and mid-engine power Audi turns this exotic into an experience of performance. 


Available for: 
- Delivery to your hotel
- VIP delivery to LAX - our representative awaits you at Arrivals with your "Last name sign"
- Drop off at LAX Valet service - drop off car at parking lot next to LAX, and have the shuttle drive you to your terminal

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