UNIQ LA Discovery Flight

Up to 3 people
From $460/hour

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Be enchanted by the breath taking spectacular sunset of Southern California as it seeps into the horizon brazening the Coasts of Malibu, Santa Monica, the city of Los Angeles in its deep radiance and the reflective shimmer off of the Hollywood sign. We are please to present you with this incredible experience. This spectacle is not one that you should deprive yourself of seeing, for it will be a memory you will cherish forever! 

* capacity up to 3 passengers

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Discovery flight over LA
Discovery flight over LA
Discovery flight over LA
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1 Manhattan beach - 2 Palos Verdes - 3 Long Beach - 4 LA River - 5 Downtown LA - 6 Hollywood Sign - 7 Beverly Hills - 8 Malibu - 9 Santa Monica
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